Build a successful

small business

by being yourself


for small business owners, freelancers & soloists

Your business is already communicating with potential clients by the way it looks. You are already expressing your personality and the value of your service by the things you say.

You have the option of managing the message.

So why not create a brand that gives prospective clients an accurate description of what it would be like to work with you?

A logical way of thinking about business, 

that’s perfect for overthinking introverts as well as ambitious extroverts.

It may surprise you to learn just how many small business owners end up paralysed by indecision when it comes to marketing their business.

This is completely normal, but totally preventable, once they stop looking at themselves through their own judgemental eyes and start looking at the facts, through the eyes of their ideal client.

The process of doing this, is one that I’ve followed for each of my small business clients. Over time, I’ve broken that process down to create a series of self-paced, short courses that when followed, produce a plan for small business marketing sucecss without all the useless corporate nonsense.

COURSE #1 How you make people feel

COURSE #2 How your ideal clients want to feel?

COURSE #3 Branding to create an emotional response

COURSE #4 Language for clarity & conversion

COURSE #5 Be visible in the right places

COURSE #6 Stand out from the crowd

“Before I found out about Sandy’s process, my marketing felt disjointed and impersonal. I wasn’t communicating what makes my business unique because I was afraid to be different, and because of that I wasn’t attracting great clients.

Sandy’s simple, actionable approach and advice turned this around, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more confident in the way I talk about my business. It’s not just me, either – my website traffic is up and my clients are now exactly the people I want to attract!”

Emily Rhodes
Food Writer & Steam Oven Specialist, Steam & Bake

Why this course? Why now?

My name’s Sandy and I’m the Small Business Marketing Coach. I know that selling your freelance, solo or small business services can feel very personal and uncomfortable until you have a plan for doing so, that doesn’t involve comparing yourself to everyone else.

That gets you nowhere. Trust me, I know.

Whether you’re a web developer or an accountant, the unique combination of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, qualifications and experiences, are the reason that the clients you already have, chose to work with you in the first place.

Once you can be objective about why you’re in business, who seems to want to work with you and who you’d like to work with, you can use this information to build a successful small business by being yourself.

A logical system, that’s helped countless small business owners stop worrying about the competition and start thinking about running their own race.

I’ve worked with lots of small business owners over the years, building websites and writing copy that helped them along their journey of building a successful business.

But that’s not what made the biggest difference for them. The websites and the copy were important, but what really helped them change gears, was the marketing strategy we created together, which helped them see themselves through the eyes of the people who already liked working with them or the people they started out in business to help.

When you run your own business, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, working IN your business, but never finding the time to work ON your business.

Don’t let another week, month or year slip by, without taking the first step towards feeling confident about selling your services.


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“Being in business isn’t about asking people to like or admire you. It’s about showing them the value of working with you.”


I had come to a point in my business where I could see the big picture that I wanted to achieve, but couldn’t work out the marketing steps I needed to take. I discovered that Sandy specialised in marketing for small businesses, which was exactly what I was looking for. Sandy helped make it all so simple. And not only did help me come up with an easy-to-execcute plan, she was so much fun to work with as well!

Kate Bird

Personal Stylist, Colour Me Kate